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Scholars and practitioners discussed the challenges and opportunities to further enhance the public finance management reforms in Uzbekistan

On 14 November, 2017 a Scientific-practical conference to discuss the current issues in the public finance management (PFM) area of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held in the capital's Business centre "Poytakht". More than 50 participants representing various ministries and government agencies, research and higher educational institutions, international organizations including UNDP, IMF, World Bank and many others discussed the current challenges and possible solutions for problems, that create impediments for enhancing reforms in the area of public procurement, promoting greater fiscal transparency, establishing well-functioning internal and external audit systems, promoting medium-term budget planning and etc.

In his welcoming speech, Mr. Dilshod Sattorov, Deputy Minister of Finance - Head of the Treasury pointed out that the Action Strategy on Five Priority Areas of Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 provided a good opportunity to apply new approaches in the strategic planning of the state and the society as a whole. He also noted that “in this context it is important to further enhance the PFM area through strengthening the budget revenue base, ensuring efficient budget expenditures implementation and improving the state financial control mechanisms”.

An interesting presentation on fiscal transparency has been delivered by Mr. John Zohrab, IMF Regional Advisor for Central Asia and Caucuses. Fiscal transparency is a key element for effective fiscal management. It helps the governments to make sound decisions as well as provides the legislature, markets and citizens with key information in order to hold the governments accountable for their fiscal performance and utilization of public resources. Fiscal transparency also increases the credibility of the governments and helps underpin market confidence.

Mr. Zohrab, pointed out on the impact of promoting fiscal transparency on the governments’ performance. He noted that “Fiscal Transparency Evaluations can help the countries to better understand their sources and scale of their fiscal vulnerabilities, to identify the gaps in reporting, budgeting and fiscal risk practices and to develop reform priorities and action plans to address them”. Ultimately it could help the governments to achieve positive development results.

Another interesting presentation related to strategic prospects of the development of the public procurement system in Uzbekistan was delivered by Mr. Akromjon Toshpulatov, Senior expert of the National Project Management Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In his presentation Mr. Toshpulatov outlined the existing barriers and challenges in the area of public procurement and pointed out on the importance of further strengthening the legislative framework. He noted that “absence of a single legislative act that regulates activities in this field, existing inefficient and non-transparent procurement methods, low qualification and inadequate staff potential, a lack of comprehensive measures to combat corruption and shortcomings in the existing complaints mechanisms have a negative influence on the functioning of the public procurement system in the country”. It is expected that in the next few months the government will submit the draft Law “On public procurement” to the Parliament which is currently in the process of discussion by the line ministries and other stakeholders.

The questions and answers session followed by the presentations resulted in a lively and interesting discussion that provided a good opportunity for conference participants to share their ideas and experience with each other and could be considered as a platform for knowledge sharing and views exchange among scholars and practitioners thus helping to further improve the efficiency of the PFM system in Uzbekistan.

The event was jointly organized by the Training Centre under the Ministry of Finance and UNDP project on “Support to Public Finance Management Reforms in Uzbekistan” (SPFM).

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